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ttv and MS Bearing - the interview.

Strategic initiative with a clear customer benefit and exciting perspectives for both companies.

ttv and MS Bearing have recently agreed to collaborate with one another, in a move that is to create a win-win situation for all involved parties. We met up with Mr Michael Staggat, General Manager of MS Bearing, and Harald Nitzschke, to ask them a few questions.

"Mr Staggat, how did the two companies arrive at the decision to collaborate with one another?"

ttv and our company have had a close partnership for many years, as we operate in the same markets and have a comparable value base and philosophy.

"And what exactly is this philosophy?"

Customer-focussed, above-average reliability, high levels of devotion from the entire team, specialist knowledge and first-class products – these are the attributes that we share with ttv.

"In which product fields does MS Bearing operate, Mr Staggat?"

Our key competencies are high-quality rolling bearings and innovate drive technologies, which are a perfect match for ttv's products.

"Mr Nitzschke, what is the key foundation of this collaboration?"

Thanks to our congruent underlying values and markets, we have agreed to mutually recommend each other to our customers. Because a customer that appreciates ttv as a supplier, for example, will most likely be equally impressed by MS Bearing and vice versa.

"And how will the customers benefit from this - you're talking about a win-win situation?"

Our customers will benefit in the following way: Instead of the time-consuming process of searching for a supplementary supplier with maximum customer orientation, our collaborative agreement offers them a time-efficient and beneficial solution.
It's that simple!

"What other benefits are there in your opinion, Mr Nitzschke?"

We also expect this move to strengthen both companies, as we will both benefit from the new customers and increase in turnover that will arise as a result of the mutual recommendations. And of course, having strong partners with the power and resources for innovation and development is also in the interests of our customers.

It sounds like a thoroughly successful initiative. We wish you every success in your collaboration.

MS Bearing GmbH
Mr Michael Staggat
Phone: +49 (0) 7542-93132-0


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