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ttv invests in new equipment for part and material testing.

Bernd Stäuble, QA director at ttv and also certified TQM-authorised representative, is impressed with the recent investment decision by his boss Harald Nitzschke. As a result of the new annealing furnace, the compression set test plates and an IRHD meter we have extended our laboratory equipment, which certainly leads the way for small and medium-sized companies of our size.

Until now, the QA-team, led by Bernd Stäuble, had already - in addition to a standard incoming goods inspection device - a high-precision optical 2D measuring machine at its disposal in-house, a Shore A meter as well as cameras, microscopes and a video control unit. But this is only one side of the coin of quality testing.

Because the compression set testing is absolutely crucial in order to detect whether the material of the O-rings in the manufacturing process itself has been connected correctly. The O-rings are placed in specific forms, are pressed in accordance with the specification and subjected to a specified temperature in the annealing furnace for 24 hours. This test is regulated by the DIN ISO 815-1.

This entire test program so far has been in close cooperation with a leading laboratory in southern Germany.

With the investment in this advanced testing equipment we once more ensure uncompromising quality, maximum flexibility in the analysis and the highest security for our customers.

Challenge us with your tasks - you are always on the safe side with us!

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