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Greetings from Oxford

The ttv team broadens its English skills!

ttv is positioning itself increasingly strongly on international markets as a provider of innovative sealing and sliding bearing technology. And because confident communication with customers is not only critical for business success, but is also meant to be fun, General Manager Harald Nitzschke has enrolled his team on an intensive English course.

At the start of April, it was the turn of Nica Nusser/Purchasing, Sofia Schneider/Sales Trainee and Nicole Böck and trainee Sandra Fischer, both in Order Processing.

At the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Ulm, Germany, they learnt typical expressions, practised confident communication with customers in role-playing exercises and covered everyday issues. The skilful arrangement of deadlines and meetings and the provision of technical explanations also formed an important part of the seminar. In particular, the handling of telephone conversations over poor connections or featuring unclear pronunciation were among the range of case-study examples that the team had great fun working on.

All participants seemed really enthusiastic during the training, and on completion of the session, felt that they were ready for the day-to-day challenges of communicating with English-speaking customers.

The unanimous verdict of all participants:
"A great seminar. Many thanks to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Ulm for hosting the session, and we're sure that communicating with our customers in English will now be a real pleasure!"

ttv. Best Partner.