mechanical face selas


Mechanical face Seals are designed to be employed in most exhaustive worhing conditions, accepted worldwide to use in extremely harsh environments under enormous stresses, sand, dirt,mud, dust and earth material.

In the fields of agricultural and construction machinery technology, as well as in the area of renewable energy in wind power plants, neither standard shaft sealing rings nor cassette seals are usually able to achieve the desired service life.

For this reason our technicians have collaborated with a number of different customers to develop new mechanical face seals for static or dynamic applications that offer major benefits in terms of service life and functionality.

the benefits

  • High abrasion-resistance
  • Free of maintenance
  • No infiltration of aggressive or abrasive media


The ttv mechanical face seals are fitted inside a split housing, with their lapped running surfaces pressed against each other. An O-ring (NBR / FPM / etc.) is usually used as a pre-load element to fix and align the seal correctly in place inside the housing.




X, Y-Type


All standard dimensions are available, and we can also provide quick delivery whatever your field of application. Special contours and special materials are also available on request. You can find a detailed overview of all types and dimensions here.

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