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Best examples of development competence 

Seals and slide bushings are usually only comparatively small components in the area of technological components and assemblies, but it is often the case that these C-parts have a huge influence on the service life and functionality of components in the mechanical engineering sector.

Customer and project-specific solutions from ttv have lead to demonstrable and significant increases in service life, temperature resistance, friction properties and leak-tightness over recent years.

Seal for use in high-pressure cleaners

High-pressure cleaners are under enormous amounts of strain due to high working pressures and because they are often used in continuous operation.

In this example, the aim was to meet the requested service life of 1080 operating hours during an endurance test, without any leakages.

To this end, endurance runs were carried out on the customer's test benches with the sealing rings developed by ttv, with all series conditions in place. These included stop-start sequences at 25-second intervals with pressurisation and a 5-second pause, or axial movements over 7 mm and 4000 rpm on the swash plate.

Facts and figures

  • 100% compliance with the defined customer requirements
  • Additional price advantage
  • Establishment of a reliable supply chain for global distribution

ttv shaft seals for transmissions in looms

Shaft sealing rings for mechanical engineering are a typical example of ttv's problem-solving expertise. According to the customer requirements, significantly longer service lives for the motor and transmission were right at the heart of their objectives. Previously, these longer service lives had lead in part to a huge amount of shaft run-in, sealing lip wear and leaks.

The ttv developers drew on the geometry and material of the shaft sealing rings, and optimised them in accordance with their use. The fillers used in the compound and the applied radial forces were set on the test bench in continual operation at the laboratory.

Facts and figures

  • Significant increase in service life of over 22%
  • Perfect balance in terms of the pre-tension (sufficient to meet requirements, but does not go beyond the necessary level), combined with adapted springs
  • Modified compound with significantly better material properties

Engineering Solutions

ttv sees excellent potential for the manufacturers of machines and systems with regard to increased performance, thanks to seals and slide bushings classed as C parts without a large cost volume.

A solution for every current requirement.