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Seized drive unit on the forestry tractor.


To re-design the sealing solution in the further development of drive unit parts.

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Drive unit on the feed, transmission gear unit and connection gear unit.


Developing a sealing solution to improve service life. The huge external impact caused by wood and plant residues combined with water and sand leads to the premature failure of common standard shaft sealing rings. Even additional radial and axial dust lips were only able to achieve the desired service lives to a limited extent in the initial series of tests.


Comparative simulations followed by initial sample test runs of different radial seals (WDR AS, WDR AS9, combi-WDR, cassette, mechanical face seal). The on-site evaluation and assessment of the results of these test runs and decision-making together with Technical Purchasing.


A ttv 24 cassette with adapted material is used, which in addition to the advantage of quick and easy assembly and replacement in the event of a revision, has also achieved a service life improvement of over 28% when being used directly by the operator.


Service life improvement of 28.9 %.