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Best examples of development competence 

Despite only being small components, seals and slide bushings are often crucial for the service life and functionality of today's machines and vehicles. In recent years, ttv has designed a wide range of different solutions that have lead to significant increases in service life and temperature resistance.

ttv mechanical face seals

Inspired by the excellent results in other industries, our technicians have developed new mechanical face seals that have increased service life by over 32%. Installed in a split housing, the ttv mechanical face seals are pressed together with lapped running surfaces. An O-ring (NBR/FPM etc.) is usually used as a preload element, which fixes and aligns the seal inside the housing. Aggressive and abrasive media are prevented from getting into the seal, making it possible to guarantee increased wear resistance and service life.

Facts and figures

  • Service life increased by over 32 %
  • Entry of aggressive media prevented
  • Option of individual adaptation of material, shape and load capacity depending on the particular application

ttv cassette seals

It's a similar story with the customer-specific cassette seals.
Self-contained, pre-lubricated and with multiple sealing lips, these seals form a kind of labyrinth of seals. The actual sealing lip runs around a processed running surface in the inside of the seal, meaning that there are fewer demands placed on the shaft seat. The use of different materials for the component has increased the temperature load by 26% to 108°C, which has impacted on the service life in equal measure.

Facts and figures

  • 26 % increase in temperature stability
  • Labyrinth of seals for high levels of leak-tightness
  • All sizes and specifications are possible
  • Low demands in terms of the rotor shafts
  • Good, simple handling for replacement and repair

ttv special slide bushings 

Our engineers have also been able to meet the increasing requirements in the area of slide bearing technology, in collaboration with our customers' development and design teams. This related to the improved application of the ttv-090/ttv092 or CuSn8 slide bushings. The desired results were achieved by the introduction of special oil grooves, modified clamping dimensions and design improvements.

Facts and figures

  • 16 % increase in pressure load
  • Improved primary lubrication and interval lubrication
  • Inclusion in the standard process in accordance with the drawing

Engineering Solutions

Anyone looking for innovative and noticeably better product solutions in order to stand out in the highly competitive agricultural engineering market would do well to come to ttv. We can find a solution to any problem. Give us a try!

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