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Technical report drive technology

The German drive technology sector has generated a stable annual turnover of around EUR 18 billion over the last few years. The sector includes companies specialising in the production of bushings, gearboxes, gearwheels and drive elements. There is high demand for 'Made in Germany' technology, and the solutions are characterised by extremely high levels of innovation and quality.

Drive technology for renewable energies is increasingly becoming an important sub-sector, with new and exciting prospects.

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A demand for maximum performance

The global market for drive technology is also very competitive, with performance and innovation two key success factors. The requirements for increased service life, better quality and upgraded functionality mean that all parties involved in the supply chain are under pressure to continually break new ground in their selection of materials and geometries.

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Trend towards product-specific solutions.

High levels of competitive pressure, extremely demanding technical requirements and industry players' desire to differentiate themselves from other companies all mean that components are now increasingly being developed to be customer and product-specific. The reasons for this are clear: standard products are usually immediately available, but are barely able to strike the right balance of noticeably longer service lives, innovative strength and competitive advantages. ttv is addressing this trend towards customised product solutions with a dedicated development department.

According to a statement from Managing Director Harald Nitzschke, ttv is also offering drawing-based production parts from CNC processing in any defined quality.

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ttv is the richt specialsit for customer-specific solutions. 

Over recent years, ttv has further established itself as a specialist in drive technology, with its two competence fields of seals and slide bushings. Just a few examples of the typical challenges faced by ttv here include applications relating to drives, gearboxes, engines, pumps and valves. Customers usually start off with a very clear profile of previous experience and objectives, where the installed standard stock products are often no longer adequate to deal with the increasingly demanding requirements. These include continuous operation with increased temperature development and friction, or the exposure to dust and moisture due to outdoor applications.

This development lead ttv to the strategic decision to set up a separate department for customer-specific product solutions, with first-class capacity to support ttv customers. ttv has an experienced team of technology and engineering specialists to help with this task, and we attend to every conceivable detail of a project. Material properties, material composition and design open up numerous possibilities for improving performance, and help keep dirt, moisture and other influencing factors strictly on the outside.