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Agricultural technology/agricultural machinery


Leakage due to wear and thermal overloading.


To improve the abrasion behaviour and the temperature resistance of NBR shaft sealing rings.

Landtechnik Illertissen ttv

Sealing the distributor unit on harvesting equipment and soil cultivation machines. For global use in agricultural engineering technology combined with customer-specific external and internal media.


Defining a material for improving the wear or abrasion behaviour and increasing the temperature resistance.

Test/test setup

Three durability test benches were fitted with shaft sealing rings and rotor shafts, and are put into operation under completely identical conditions (speed, pressure, clockwise/anti-clockwise rotation, standstill, time etc.) but with different materials.
Usage conditions in the field were simulated by means of inadequate lubrication at points, as well as external impact from defined dirt using a mud box.


Taking into account the price-to-performance ratio and the achieved results, the customer opted for the ttv-HNBR compound out of all the tested NBR, HNBR and FPMn materials following evaluation and discussions with our technicians.

The outstanding abrasion behaviour of this material, even compared with that of FPM, is what brings particular added value. The resulting longer service life not only makes up for the increased price compared to NBR, but when combined with the increased temperature resistance, also provides the possibility of increasing the speed and therefore the operating speed of the machines.


No leaks after 1080 hours.