Gamma-Rings serve as pre-sealing for the outer sealing of rotating shafts against contamination, granules, dust, oil, grease, liquids etc. and com bine the function of a contactless
centrifugal gasket as a gap seal as well as an axially fitting rubber sleeve gasket.

The sleeve consisting of different rubber qualities is produced with a corresponding radial pre-stressing integrated into the housing. The device built in that way is then attached to the shaft with a press fit, so that the rubber lip rests on the counter surface.

Advantages of the Gamma-Ring

  • protection of the sealing lip against mechanical impact
  • low mounting width
  • good centrifugal effect
  • low requirements with regards to the counter surface (surface hardness, tolerance of thrust surface)
  • straightforward mounting
  • no additional retaining fixture necessary
  • improved longevity for bushings and shaft seals


Gamma-Rings are mainly used in combination with shaft seals. They are used as modular upstream sealing element to seal against dirt, dust, oil and water splashes from the outside.

Typical fields of application

Gamma-Rings have been successfully used for many years in drive engineering and in mechanical engineering, e.g. with electric motors, transmissions, pumps, motor saws, drive shafts, wheel hubs and axles, in agricultural machinery, construction machinery, machine tools, rolling bushing housings and washing machines.

Circumferential speed
NBR Construed for pressure-free operation -40°C     +120°C <_ 12 m/s
FPM Construed for pressure-free operation -20°C     +200°C 10 m/s

The above mentioned parameters are maximum values and must not be placed simultaneously side by side as they are dependent on the other operating parameters.

model types


Gamma-Rings without rubber cuff (flinger disc)


Gamma-Rings with rubber cuff


Gamma-Rings with rubber cuff and collar

Amongst the varied casing materials we deliver are also anodized steel, nickel-plated steel and stainless steel. By means of the different rubber materials like NBR and Viton a variety of combinational possibilities arise.

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