[Translate to English:] Umweltschutz Nachhaltigkeit

In line with our corporate values, those who participate in the world-wide industrial growth, must be prepared to take responsibility for the challenges of our society, and actively advocate sustainable and durable solutions for a future worth living. The global challenges are climate change, the increasing demand for raw materials and the world-wide claims for a functioning infrastructure. We want to do our part to contribute to sharpen the awareness of society for sustainability and ecological action. We at ttv understand that sustainability and economic success in harmony also open new opportunities and we want to use this.

In our continuous commitment to sustainability, we have defined three levels:

» Product development
» Production
» Life cycle

Thus, we ensure already in the product development the use of environmentally friendly materials often beyond legal provisions. This includes foregoing the use of phthalates, lead and chromium VI in all new products as well as the use of recyclable materials. We bring efficient, energy-saving production processes enhanced by our suppliers’ language and then adjust our procurement strategy accordingly. And above all is the quality and service life of our solutions to ensure an above-average life cycle and thus ensure a further fundamental contribution.

But also in daily work processes we pay attention to active environmental protection. We rely on resource-saving work processes and energy-saving actions, generate electricity from solar energy and are equipped with modern heating systems with the lowest emission values.