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Our customers include the world's leading companies as well as high-performing SMEs which value quality and optimisation of their performance.

No industry is unfamiliar to us. Manufacturer of gearboxes, motors and pumps as well as, for example, manufacturer of cleaning equipment, agricultural and construction equipment, textile machinery as well as industrial and storage technology. And with our subsidiary ttv automotive we serve successfully the suppliers of the automotive industry.

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drive technology

For electric motors, industrial gears, cleaning equipment and complex systems seals and bushings are of vital importance.

ttv solutions in the sector of machine and plant engineering equates to long-term functionality of your machine. In addition, our customer service is a reliable basis for your business success. We supply high-quality products and solutions just in time and at the best price.

The continuous varied development of products and services together with our customers makes ttv your "best partner".



The automotive sector and suppliers its one of the most diverse areas, in which seals and bushings find use in a variety of applications.

Whether in the after-sale at wheel bearing kits, workshop for service or original equipment – seals and bushing technology of ttv is one of them! We offer a wide range of tested standard products as well as customized solutions.

For newly developed applications and designs, our dedicated and experienced team of seals and bushings are on hand.


agricultural and construction technology

Products of agricultural and construction equipment are exposed to different requirements. Whether due to large variations in temperature or varying loads in use, irregular workloads by harvest peaks or fluctuating service intervals by seasonality - the requirements for the components are high.

Particular challenges represent the noise and vibration reduction and the reliability of the machines in terms of function and environmental protection, even in heavy dust and dirt contamination. To ensure shorter maintenance intervals, rising harvest amounts and efficiency, the agricultural and construction equipment of today requires heavy-duty machines which are perfected in size and technology.

Our technical team work with years of experience for the best solutions for you and will help to ensure with reliability. Products of ttv strengthen you in the current demanding market.



The forestry sector is developing rapidly, with future challenges increasingly involving semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicle technology.

With its seals and sliding bushings developed in line with customer-specific requirements, ttv is specialised in achieving significant increases in the service lives and temperature resistance of state of the art drive units and functional components within the forestry sector...

Mechanical engineering

The success of mechanical engineering can be attributed to the industry's uncompromising focus on top quality and innovation. This focus is what enables the industry to generate distinguishing features that set it apart from the wide range of different competitors on the global market, while also making these features economically beneficial.

The following factors are of equal paramount importance for partners in the supply chain: Innovative solutions, the use of new materials and unconventional ideas with regard to increasing service lives and improving quality, just like those offered by ttv...



Maximum service lives and uncompromisingly excellent quality are two criteria that are required of all suppliers in the aerospace industry. In this field, even the smallest parts such as seals or sliding bushings can be crucial for the functioning of the aircraft and the safety of the passengers.

With its Engineering Solutions department, ttv has specialised in customer-specific special solutions that offer more than the standard components and that are therefore in particularly high demand in safety-sensitive fields such as the aerospace industry...


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