Created in Hamburg, presented in Illertissen


Neueheimat displays works by odile lueken

Künstlerin Bilder ttv GmbH Dichtungen und GleitlagerAnyone entering NEUEHEIMAT won’t take long to notice the mostly large-format artworks displayed throughout the entire building. The spectrum of artistic expression covered by these works by various artists ranges from classic paintings through to a variety of printing techniques, as well as graffiti and modern collage techniques.

Two of the works displayed in the ttv office rooms are by artist Odile Lueken. The professional graphic designer has been living and working in Hamburg for 30 years. In 2020, she completed the three-year master-class at the “Freie Kunstakademie Augsburg” with internationally renowned artist Rainer Kaiser. The experimental works are shaped by the artist’s graphic background, with the idea of chance playing a consistent role in the design process. The resulting compositions tell the observer different stories and give a refreshing air of spontaneity thanks to the use of an extremely wide range of collage techniques.

ttv Managing Director and art lover Harald Nitzschke first became aware of the artist many years ago during a trip to Hamburg. The two have kept in touch ever since. When working on the interior design of the office rooms, Mr Nitzschke approached the artist and asked if she would consider providing him with two of her works. Because most collages are small images, Odile Lueken produced large-format reproductions of her works on acrylic glass especially for the large rooms in the ttv building.

More information on Odile Lueken can be found on the artist’s website:

Odile Lueken
Curriculum Vitae

1995 - 1998 Degree in Communication Design at the Hamburger technische Kunstschule [HTK Academy of Design].

From 1998 Self-employed communication designer.

From 2008 Further artistic training at various art academies with a focus on experimental printing techniques and collages.

From 2017 Leader of creative workshops for companies and individuals.

2020 Completion of three-year master-class at the “Kunstakademie Augsburg” with Rainer Kaiser.


“I love being experimental in my work, and I always allow chance to play its part. This gives rise to new compositions and stories that are often a little imperfect”. Odile Lueken (source: