Container congestion in the ports, disrupted supply chains.


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First, everyone was talking about the globally disrupted supply chains, followed by closed ports in China and now massive container congestion in all major ports in China, the USA and Europe are creating new challenges for the global supply of goods.


The reasons for this are manifold:

- Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a significant increase in demand, especially for consumer goods.
- Money saved on holidays and restaurants was invested in consumer goods such as consumer electronics and fitness equipment, which are now mainly produced in China.
- The rapid economic recovery in China also led to increasing traffic volumes on the world's oceans.
- Partial lockdowns in the ports cause container congestion that can hardly be cleared any more, as the volume is continuously increasing in parallel - these containers are then in turn missing in China for loading.


As a result, practically all goods and freight rates have become massively more expensive.

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