4 eventful winter days in the Oberallgäu Wilderness!


Under the leadership of the Wildnisschule Allgäu wilderness school, groups learn how to survive even the harshest winters in wooded mountain regions using trapper techniques.

Schnee Winter Frohe Weihnachten ttv Dichtungen GleitlagerToday, we will be telling you about the Wildnisschule Allgäu wilderness school, which is making quite a stir with its varied adventure programme. The two down-to-earth self-starters, Stefan and Heike Koch, created this programme based on both their holistic perspective gained from experience of indigenous and early communities as well as contemporary knowledge and future-proof solutions for living as a nature-focused community. An exciting and sustainable approach that nature-lovers can experience for themselves in the wide range of courses on offer at the Wildnisschule Allgäu.