30 years of Nirvana Nevermind


The music by a band that influenced an entire generation

Kurt Cobain ttv illertissenThis year, music fans celebrated the 30-year anniversary of the legendary LP Nevermind by Nirvana, an achievement shared by ttv due to it being founded the very same year.

The band's classification within society cannot be established without a historical consideration of the political and cultural developments that came before it. Nirvana marked the establishment of a raw, scruffy and broken youth movement. The band became the mouthpiece for the youth of the time, the so-called Generation X. The general opinion was that this generation stood for a loss of direction, apathy and hopelessness in the shadow of a changed world order.

One example of these changes is the collapse of the Eastern Bloc with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. The social significance of Nirvana can be seen not only by the fact that the band inspired so many young people to pick up an instrument to express their own experiences, feelings and experiences as a way of processing them. What's more, Nirvana broke away from social standards and codes in a way that had a real impact on general public opinion, and their resulting broad impact reached far beyond their own fans. 

A certain lifestyle and character gripped society all over the world, which accepted these new conditions and reinterpreted them for themselves. The band's effect can therefore be described as the reform of existing conditions which nevertheless reverted back to the criticised cultural-political conditions of the time as it became more established. The band dissolved in 1994 following Kurt Cobain's suicide:

RIP Kurt.